List your phone for free at the new cell phone marketplace

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from  Charleston, SC
| September 11, 2005

Six weeks ago we introduced a cellular phone marketplace, offering consumers a free arena to buy and sell new and used cellular phones.  The marketplace offers online users across the country an easy and cost effective place to list a cellular phone that is no longer needed, or to purchase a new or pre-owned phone

Once in the marketplace, sellers are able to list their phones by completing a short and simple registration form.  Requirements for listings include the following; Make Model, Condition, Asking Price, Quantity, and Description.  After approval, each listing will be posted and can be viewed by potential buyers.  For the buyer to contact the seller, the process is just as easy.  Find the phone you want in the marketplace and contact the seller by just filling out a short form that is then e-mailed directly to them.

So far the cellular marketplace has been a huge success for us.  Unlike eBAY, we are giving the seller the opportunity to list their new or used cellular phone for free.  Buyers also like the fact that they are able to find photos, specifications, and even the manual for the phone they may be interested in purchasing.