New BlackBerry 7100 series available with Nextel

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from Charleston, SC
Published: October 26, 2005

Finally Nextel users can put down the old 7520 and happily pick up the new BlackBerry 7100i.  This light-weight sleek designed BlackBerry is a great new replacement to the old large handheld that was being offered. 

Full of features, the 7100i includes phone features such as speakerphone, Bluetooth capabilities, polyphonic ring tones, and quad-band frequencies.    Great new advances on the e-mail side include Push and SureType technology.  Push technology makes it easy for you to now get your e-mails directly from your inbox to your handset.  SureType technology was added to help combine a traditional phone keypad and the QWERTY keyboard, keeping users from having to learn a new way to type. 

So when considering a cellular phone, take time to review Nextel's new and improved BlackBerry 7100i at ##SITENAMESHORT today. 

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