Is there a minimum usage fee with Pioneer long distance?

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from Charleston, SC
Published: November 14, 2005

I have attached the section of the Pioneer Telephone agreement below for better clarification.  There is no minimum usage fee for our customers signing up via the site.  New sign up's from the website will receive their statements via e-mail.  The only way the minimum usage fee comes into affect is if you contact Pioneer Telephone after establishing a new account and request to receive a paper bill. 

Pioneer Telephone Agreement Excerpt

Customer understands there is a minimum usage fee of 99 cents for accounts billing less than $15 per month and a 99 cent monthly fee for opting to receive a paper bill rather than online/automatic billing (eBill). For Customers who agree to allow Pioneer to bill their charges via eBill, both the low usage and paper bill fees are waived.