How do I pair my Bluetooth headset to my phone?

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
| Published: November 25, 2005

**First you must turn the Bluetooth function on in your phone.

You can do this by going to menu-settings then connectivity. Once there you simply select the option to turn ?on? Bluetooth. Some phones don't require you to go to settings first. They provide a separate connectivity icon on the top level of the menu page. Either way, once you turn the Bluetooth function on leave the phone open to the connectivity page.

Now it's time to get your headset into pairing mode. Unfortunately each headset has a different way to accomplish this. You are going to have to read the instructions that came with the headset. In any event is a very simple process which usually consists of holding down a button for a specified amount of seconds until it beeps or flashes a sequence of colors that lets you know the headset is now ready to be paired.

Easy so far right?

Once in pairing mode, have your phone look for a ?hands-free device?. This is where leaving your phone open to the connectivity page comes in handy. Select the option ?look for devices? or ?hands-free?. After a couple of seconds your phone should recognize the headset. Once the phone finds the headset you will now have to select the headset from the list and put in the pin code provided with the headset. Most headsets will use 0000 or 1111 as a pin code.

The whole process should take a first timer about 5 minutes.

Tip 1: Make sure the Bluetooth device is fully charged!
Tip 2: Have the pin code ready.
Tip 3: Make sure the headset is within close proximity of the phone when pairing.
Tip 4: Have your teenager do it for you :)