FCC Sticks to Nov.28 Deadline, but Changes Likely

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from  Charleston, SC
| November 28, 2005

With all of the Voice over IP (VoIP) companies on our site announcing what they were doing to provide all of their customers with Emergency 911 services, the FCC announces they are sticking to their November 28, 2005 deadline.  Each VoIP provider was required to file a letter of compliance with the FCC by November 28.  To read more about the VoIP and FCC situation, click here or read on to see what the VoIP companies we review are saying.


"Lingo VoIP phone service provides more features while maintaining the fundamental attributes of the land line at a substantially lower cost," said Doug Weeks, Lingo vice president and general manager. "We are very excited about continuing to bring our customers new and enhanced services."


"We are pleased to report that after a focused and diligent six month-long effort to comply with the FCC's mandate, all Packet8 subscribers accessing our services from the United States can now be assured that they can reach an emergency service operator by dialing 9-1-1 on any Packet8 device, including our videophones, during an emergency," said 8x8 Chairman and CEO Bryan Martin.


"We did not wait for the government to require us to give our customers E-911," said Paul Erickson, chairman and co-founder of SunRocket. "We recognize that safety matters most and that consumers expect to get emergency assistance when they dial 911 from any telephone. SunRocket built E-911 support into our business plan from the beginning."