What if a seller will not return my e-mail inquries?

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from  Charleston, SC
| December 4, 2005

Our best advice is to always beware of possible scams.  The cell phone marketplace was introduced to provider customers with a free arena to buy and sell cellular phones.  If a person with a listed phone has not returned your e-mail it can mean numerous things.  They could have Spam Blocker that is keeping your e-mail from getting to them, or they could be on vacation and not have access to their e-mail.

Here at ##SITENAMESHORT we have defined our Terms and Conditions at the cell phone marketplace to make it very clear that we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented by the seller.  Please review an excerpt from our terms and conditions below:           

Your use of the Service is at your sole risk! 
##SITENAMESHORT takes no steps whatsoever to investigate the identity or reliability of any person using the Service, the accuracy of any information provided, or the quality, safety or legality, of the items listed.

As we do take pride in reviewing each new listing before posting it, we cannot speak for the honesty and integrity of each seller.