First off, let me tell you that I’m basing this article on my personal knowledge of phones, not any poll or scientific study.  It’s been quite clear to me and the staff at phonedog that over the past 18 months the newer phones just aren’t as durable as they were just a few years ago.  This may be due to the fact that newer phones have more features than ever before and are more like miniature computers with advanced circuitry.  I’ve also read that many companies such as Motorola are utilizing independent factories to manufacturer their phones, which would seem to remove some oversight and quality control.

I’ve compiled my ranking of top quality cell phone manufactures listed below.  Remember, the durability of every model of phone from a particular manufacturer will vary, but some companies are clearly producing better quality handsets than others.

TK’s Top Cell Phone Manufacturer Rankings

  1. Nokia & Sanyo (top of the heap)
  2. Sony Ericsson  (close behind)
  3. LG  (also excellent)
  4. Samsung (very solid)
  5. Kyocera and Siemens  (tied)
  6. Motorola
  7. NEC  (not even close)

TK’s Top PDA Manufacturer Rankings

  1. Blackberry (RIM)
  2. Treo (Palm One)
  3. Danger
  4. Motorola

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