A Message from the Phonedog President ? 2005 and Ahead to 2006

Tom Klein
CEO/ Co-founder from  Mt Pleasant, SC
| December 31, 2005

2005 was an exciting year for us at phonedog with the addition of new comparison services, a re-designed site, a few new staff members, and much more.  While we continue to expand on our telecom comparisons, I want to assure our visitors that phonedog will continue to provide un-biased reviews and useful information to help you make good decisions before purchasing any phone product or service.  We understand that there are many sites offering telecom comparisons, but we are also confident that visitors using a discerning eye can see through the biased information most sites present.

As you may have already seen, phonedog recently completed the only (we haven't seen any other) new cellular phone service comparison that actually compares all ?online dealers? selling cellular phones and plans.  In 2006 our focus will be on promoting our new cellular system while adding new plans and services to our other categories as they arise.  We hope you?ll assist us in our marketing efforts by telling your friends and family about our site.

What's Coming - We frequently receive calls and emails from people looking to purchase new cellular phones without changing providers or extending their contracts, so we are in the development stages of offering a cellular ?Phone Only? category to do just that.  We expect that several wholesalers will be willing to sell directly to the consumer and we hope to have the new section available within a couple of months. 

About Us ? Phonedog.com is owned and operated by a small group of dedicated individuals.  Our site is made possible by accepting a reasonable commission from most of the providers we list on our site, but a provider's placement or review is never based on any payment we receive.  We welcome your thoughts and look forward to improving our site.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year