Pioneer customer support back to normal

Tom Klein
CEO/ Co-founder from  Mt Pleasant, SC
| January 1, 2006

The 4th quarter of 2005 was a busy time for Pioneer Telephone's President, Peter Bouchard.  In October, Pioneer acquired the long distance customer base from Adelphia's long distance division.  Adelphia filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and its customers from various divisions needed new service providers which were awarded to various companies.


Pioneer has been known for it's responsive customer support and efficiencies, but even good planning can be overwhelmed when having to add over 140,000 customers in a matter of days.  During the growing pains, Pioneer Telephone's management worked to correct the delays and billing issues from the newly acquired Adelphia customers as quickly as possible.  After expanding its workforce, Pioneer once again has resumed normal customer support operations with wait times usually less than 30 seconds to speak with a live representative.