What happens in Vegas, isn't staying there this week!

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from  Charleston, SC
| January 4, 2006

While most people go to Vegas expecting to keep what happens there, well there, the major cellular phone manufacturers showed up in Vegas with the hopes that the exact opposite would happen.   The start of the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was the perfect stage for each of them to accomplish this.  Since the manufacturers didn't want to keep their 2006 innovations a secret for another day, I couldn't wait to share with you some of the highlights. 


  • iRadio ? A subscription music service that seamlessly moves from home, to car stereo, to wireless headphones and is powered from your mobile handset.  Services will initially launce with 435 commercial-free radio channels.  Consumers can subscribe to the Motorola iRadio service by simply tapping an icon on an iRadio-enable mobile phone, available through wireless service providers later this year.
  • ROKR E2 ? The newest addition to the music-optimized mobile handsets.  Delivering a powerful mobile music experience, ROKR E2 lets you switch seamlessly between phone calls and music play lists simply by the touch of a button.  With many updates made to the new ROKR, consumers can expect to find this on the market in the first half of 2006.
  • ?O ROKR? ? Teamed with Oakley, the ?O ROKR? is the latest eyewear that enables hands-free mobile communications for compatible Bluetooth-enabled mobile handsets plus wireless music streaming via Bluetooth from a compatible music optimized mobile handset or portable music player equipped with a separately available, add-on Bluetooth adapter.  Find this at the first half of the year as well.         


  • 6103 ? One of the most popular phones of 2005 was Nokia's 6101/6102 camera phone.  To continue the success into 2006, Nokia will introduce the 6103. This upgraded version will now be Bluetooth compatible, dedicated camera keys, Nokia Xpress audio messaging, and dual color screens. 
  • Bluetooth Devices ? New wireless car kits and wireless headsets were the main focus of its new line of mobile enhancements.
    • BH-900 is the large over the ear headset with an extendable boom that works like an active slide to answer and end calls.
    • BH-800 is a tiny, stylish in-ear headset with an optional over the ear hook.  Designed to look like a piece of jewelry it comes with a necklace strap.
    • BH-200 is a small, inexpensive and surprisingly comfortable headset.  Besides good battery life it also offers a call button and volume control.


  • SCH-i830 ? Great for business travelers this ultimate global wireless device allow for consumers to check and respond to email, develop, review and edit most document file types.  The i830 is equipped with VZEmail including Wireless Sync as well as Windows Mobile and Pocket PC applications.  This loaded mobile phone will be available next week for Verizon customers.
  • Six new slim phones ? The new A900, t809, d807, Z510, Z540, and P300 are being considered by some the most diverse and advanced slim phone line introduced for North America and Europe.  Keep your eyes peeled for these great phones that will be carried by different wireless service providers this year.
  • SPH-B4100 ? With a unique landscape view design, the B4100 gives consumers a more ergonomic device for experiencing mobile TV.  Picture in picture is only one of the ?worlds first? that was added to the B4100.  Due out in the early part of the year, the B4100 could be one of the most fun mobile phones yet.