Who's gonna make us laugh come Super Bowl Sunday?

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from  Charleston, SC
| January 28, 2006

My friend Jennette and I always tell everyone how we believe Super Bowl Sunday to be the best and worst day of the year.  BEST, because it is so exciting.  The game, the bets, the food, the drinks, the commercials!  WORST, because we have to wait another seven LONG months before football season starts up again.

With Super Bowl XL a week away, I wanted to take this opportunity to ask the question; Who do you believe will have the best commercial come game day?   Will it be another Vonage Super Bowl, or will one of the other VoIP providers surprise us this year?  Maybe it will be a great year for one of the cellular carriers.  Those of you who have read my previous blogs, already know how much I love the Nextel commercial with the guys in their office dancing!  If not Nextel, Boost Mobile with their celebrity client list could possibly make the day with a new one of their clever ?Where they could have ended up?? commercials.
So take the time to let us know which commercials have made you laugh in past Super Bowls or who you expect to see this year.  This Super Bowl Sunday in honor of my superstitious friend Dan, I will wait until just after kickoff to put on my #7 away jersey and hope for this to just be the best Super Bowl Sunday I have had in years.  (By the way, don't look for me on Monday because I have requested the day off!!!) :-)