Support our troops: Donate your old cell phones!

| March 29, 2006

With American soldiers overseas, this country has really been finding great ways to show our support. Two Massachusetts siblings, Brittany and Robbie, started Cell Phones For Soldiers back in 2004 and it is still going strong. The kids got the idea when they read about a solider who could not afford to keep in touch with his family and had ran up a $7,624.00 phone bill. Immediately, Brittany and Robbie put their savings together and started getting support from other children in their school so that they could donate the money to the solider to help with his bill.

After two months, the kids had organized fundraisers purchasing used cell phones and prepaid calling cards so that they could not just help out one soldier, but as many as they could.

Just recently the American Federation of Government Employees became involved and made the Massachusetts born program nation wide. Now you can donate your old phones to specific drop off locations. Then the donated phones are recycled for cash which is used to purchase calling cards for our troops overseas so that they can call their loved ones without spending an outrageous amount of money.

According to CNN Money, 2 out of every 3 Americans have cell phones. With the increasing rate of new and improved phones coming out, I am very confident that most people have old phones just hanging around the house that they could put to great use by donating to CPFS. The organization accepts every make, model and condition of cell phones as long as it has an attached battery. And you can receive a receipt for your donation.

To find out were the closest drop off location is to you, go to . Let us continue to show our support for our American Soldier's, after all, they are fighting for us!