Safety first, even for your child's wireless internet access!

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from Charleston, SC
Published: March 30, 2006

Worried about what your child is looking at from the internet access on their wireless device?  Well parents with children using the Alltel network, do not have to worry anymore.  Alltel announced this week that they are giving parents a free mobile Web content filter to help protect their child from being able to access potentially dangerous web sites from their wireless phone.   

With advancements in wireless devices, and the number of younger cell phone users increasing, being able to block your child's web access is a great asset.  Luckily Alltel feels the same way, and recognizes that they "have a responsibility to help parents protect their children from inappropriate content", said Scott Ford, Alltel president and chief executive officer.  The content filter is free and can be added to any wireless device by contacting Alltel technical support.         

So next time you are setting your parental control guidelines on your television, and home computer, remember that now you can keep your child's Alltel wireless device safe too.