ATLANTA, May 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Looking for a creative, colorful way to "style up" your wireless phone? Well, look no further than Cingular Wireless. The nation's largest wireless carrier today announced the exclusive availability of two unique products: Phone Tattoos and Phone Tattoos By You!

Phone Tattoos and Phone Tattoos By You! provide a new level of personalization for the Motorola RAZR V3 and Motorola SLVR line-up of handsets, allowing Cingular customers to easily and affordably change the look of their RAZR or SLVR to reflect their mood, style, and interests-as often as they want. These "tattoo" stickers are specifically designed to match the contours of these two popular device lines.

"The Motorola RAZR and Motorola SLVR are two of our more fashionable handsets. Now, with the introduction of our new phone tattoo accessories, you can take an already cool phone and essentially make it cooler - matching your own sense of style," said Tim Towster, senior director, device and accessory product management, Cingular Wireless. "It's about selecting or creating a look for your phone that speaks volumes to those around you."

Phone Tattoos

Phone Tattoos come in a 3-pack of pre-designed stickers created in Cingular exclusive colors and patterns for the wildly popular Motorola RAZR phone. Cingular customers can choose from two different packs that include a sticker in:

  • Carbon Fiber, Grey Camouflage and Starburst Blue or Pink Plaid, Pink Camouflage and Starburst Pink

Phone Tattoos By You!Phone Tattoos By You! is the ultimate in phone personalization. The package includes four blank tattoos and complete instructions on how to design and print customized tattoos for both Motorola RAZR and Motorola SLVR phones (L2, L6 and L7). Use Phone Tattoos by You! to show off family photos, other favorite images, or just create your own unique design. It's easy to sport a "new" RAZR or SLVR every day of the week, depending on the season or your mood.

How does it work? It's easy; just follow four simple steps:

  • Purchase Phone Tattoos By You! Each pack includes four blank tattoos,practice sheets and transfer sheets
  • Download free software from hellomoto.com/phonetattoos
  • Select a design, a photo or other JPEG image
  • Position & print the selected design onto the tattoo using an inkjet printer *

Both Phone Tattoos and Phone Tattoos By You! go on easily and stay on, but can be quickly peeled off without leaving residue. Phone Tattoos (3-pack) and Phone Tattoos By You! (4-pack) are available for $9.99 a pack at Cingular retail stores in select markets and at cingular.com/

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