What does your cell phone say about you?

| Published: May 21, 2006

I dare to be different and like to make a statement about myself.  I also like to be in control and I am extremely hip. Well I might have over exaggerated that last part, but I figured all this out by the kind of cell phone I have.    

Dawn Bratton is a communications consultant for Verizon Wireless and has put together an explanation of what peoples cell phones say about their personalities. She has gathered her information from 12years of studying cell phones, service plans and accessories.  Not to mention she has witnessed the cell phone world explode!  Mrs. Bratton is quoted in the Detroit Press as saying ?The wireless phone is so much more than a communications device, it's now as much a fashion statement as the clothes we wear.? 

So what does your cell phone say about you?  Read below and find out!!*

Flip phones:  You like being in control and you are concerned that you might accidentally call someone without knowing.

Bar phones:  You are old fashioned and like the simply life.  You so not send money freely.

RAZR phone:  Your sense of style is strong.  The color of your RAZR doesn't matter, the RAZR itself also means you like being the center of attention and you also like being a trendsetter. 

PDA phone:  You are into all of the tech things and like new things. Carrying a PDA also means you may be demanding but only because you are a multi-tasker.  You are extremely organized.

Ringback tones:  You are a lot of fun.  You care about people and you are young or at least young at heart.

Ring tones:  You strive to be different.  You are not concerned what people say, are hip and like to make a statement.

Text message:  You have to be in touch at all times.  You can be exclusive and you like to have people wonder what you are doing at all times.

More than three games on your phone:  You have to be constantly doing something and do not like down time.

Camera phones:  Your life is open to the world and you love spontaneity.

Phone plays music:  Music explains who you are.  You are uncomplicated and trendy.

Phone has charms/bling:  You are a female between 10-25. You love style and jewelry.

Carry your phone in a case:  You are active and do not want to get your phone dirty.  You also might be clumpsy.

I think my personality was pretty much dead on with what Dawn Bratton had figured out.  I currently carry a Motorola i760 that does happen to play different ringtones when certain people call me!  So, what about yours?  Are you the old fashioned person or the trendsetter?  I will be looking forward to your responses!!

*Source http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/business/technology/14623161.htm

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