Are you satisfied with your cellular phone?

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from Charleston, SC
Published: May 28, 2006

Yes I am!  I currently use the Motorola V180 which is definitely not high-tech at all, but it's a flip phone and when I purchased it last year it was much better then the ancient phone I was using.  Now with my October upgrade date fast approaching, I am sure if you ask me if I am satisfied with my cell phone again I will say "Yes" but for totally different reasons.

With advancements in cellular phone features and functions continuing to amaze me with each new phone, it didn't surprise me that a J.D. Power and Associates study found consumers are happier with their phones this year compared to last.  After polling over 18,000 cell phone users about the battery life, features, design, durability, and operation of their current mobile device, the study concluded that four percent were more satisfied.  Advancements in the devices features and the ease of use played the largest part of the consumer satisfaction increase.

?As more services are added to mobile phones, the ability to navigate the handset in an easy and straightforward manner becomes paramount,? said Kirk Parsons, senior director of wireless services at J.D. Power and Associates. ?For example, the incidence of sending/messaging video and picture content has increased 29 percent between 2005 and 2006. Making it easier for customers to learn how to operate specific product/service offerings can increase satisfaction performance and enhance the overall wireless experience. In fact, the handset can enhance the consumer's view of the wireless carrier by making the service experience much more enjoyable, which will promote future purchases of additional products.?

Going from a candy-bar style phone to a clamshell as I did was another trend the study tracked.  With over 70 percent of users owning a candy-bar handset in 2002, this year over 58 percent own a clamshell device.  ?The physical size and look of handsets is evolving to a smaller, more compact design that's more pleasing to the eye,? said Parsons. ?In the mind of the consumer, these changes are for the better, as satisfaction among owners of clamshell-design phones is significantly higher than of those who own a candy bar-shaped cell phone."

So I ask the question again, are you satisfied with your cellular phone?  If you happen to answer no, I recommend before making your next cell phone purchase that you take the time to review and compare what is available at ##SITENAMESHORT.  With the great tools we provide there is no reason that your next cell phone purchase isn't a great success!