Fareed's Motorola L6 review

Fareed Mahdi
Cell Phone Editor
| Published: June 7, 2006

The New Motorola L series are an innovative upgrade of the world famous RAZR. The L series phones are for people who like the thin style of the RAZR, but do not like clamshell / flip phones. There are three L series phones that have been released already by Motorola. 

Depending on what features you need in your phone, and how much you are willing to spend, there are 3 choices; Motorola L2, L6 and L7. I will be reviewing the Motorola L6 and help you differentiate between the models, so you can choose the best one for your needs. The L2 cost less than the L6 but is very limited in features. The L6 cost less than the L7 and has only minor feature differentials like amount of memory. Read on to see which is the best choice for YOU!   

The Motorola L6 has an elegant design and currently is one of the thinnest phones on the market.  The phone has a metallic feel to it, but at the same time it is very light weight. The glass on the screen is scratch resistant, which I believe is a must on every phone, because they are bound to get scratched from daily usage. The design of the L6 is what makes it stand out from other phones, although it is very thin, it is not too wide like the Razr. The L6 comes in three colors: Black, Pink and silver.      


Basic Features
The L6 I used for this review is a quad band GSM phone, meaning it works on all GSM Networks world wide. Although mine is quad band, there is also tri-band with no 850 band. Depending on where you are located, you should double check which version is best for you. You can put .mp3 ring tones and pictures on this phone via mini USB cable and Motorola phone tools. The speaker is loud enough to hear music but the limited memory is mostly for short music clips.  The L2 and L6 have identical talk and standby time capacity, while the newer L7 model offers almost a full hour more of talk time and 2 more days of standby time.    

Advanced Features
The L6 has many advanced features like VGA camera, Bluetooth, mp3 player, Push to talk service etc.  The camera is a standard VGA camera, it is almost the exact same as the V3 RAZR. The camera is the same on the L6 and L7 while the L2 does not comes with a camera at all. 

The Bluetooth works great when connecting to a headset or another nearby device for file transfer. One good thing about the Bluetooth is that it saves previous used devices, so you do not have to input the passkey etc. every time. This phone also has push to talk service built in. The push to talk service will only work if your service provider offers this feature. The L6 has a MP3 player but is not your standard player.  It really is there for ring tunes and is not practical to use as an mp3 player because of the low amount of memory.   

Display & Audio

The display on the L6 is quite good, it is bright, but in my opinion the screen is kind of small. Although you can see everything, a nice big screen is always a plus.  The size difference between the L6 and L7 is very minimal (4 mm taller), but with the L7 they gave you a smaller black trim around the screen which can be seen in the photo below.  This minor change gives the L7 display a longer and bigger presence.  

One of the noted differences between the L6 screen and the L7 is that the L6 supports fewer colors then the L7.  The L6 screen displays 65k different colors and is 128x 160 pixels and the L7 screen displays 256k colors and is 176 x 220 pixels.

The L6 supports mp3 songs. The speaker is fairly loud too. Depending on if you listen to music from your phone or not will help make your decision about the L6 or L7. On the L6 the mp3's are mainly for ring tones or other sounds and notifications due to the low built in memory. If you are planning to use your phone as an mp3 player I suggest the L7 because it has expandable memory and you can get up to 1GB micro SD memory cards. L6 display vs. L7 display

Entertainment, Internet, Storage, & Connectivity

The Motorola L6 has built in Java (J2ME) which now comes standard with most phones. The Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) allows the user of the L6 to add software applications.  Java programs for phones are now becoming widespread so there are many different programs that you can obtain such as games, calculators, and dictionaries. J2ME games are known to also come internet-enabled making it possible to play against someone else.  There are so many different programs that you are guaranteed to find something to suit your needs.

Motorola pink L6The L6 has a built in WAP browser but does not have WIFI or EDGE. The WAP browser is fine for viewing WAP sites or downloading small files but the lack of EDGE in this device is a let down. The plus side to the WAP browser is that the sites aren't too big in size so they load fairly quickly, and also many websites now offer a WAP version of their website so you are able to stay connected to the information you need all the time.

Everyday you are able to do more and more with WAP browsers.  Currently there are WAP sites that allow you to access your home desktop computer with a few clicks on the keypad.

The Motorola L6 does not have external memory like the micro SD the L7 has. The L6 only has 10MB built in. This space is sufficient if you plan to use this phone to store text messages and maybe a few ringtones and that's about it. If you keep in mind that many things can be shrunk in size such as music then 10MB can do a lot more than what you may initially think. 

The L6 has built in Bluetooth which works seamlessly when connected to any Bluetooth device. If you own a USB Bluetooth dongle or have built in Bluetooth on your PC, you can send and receive files back and forth very fast and all wirelessly. The Motorola software Mobile Phone Tools is a very outdated program and is unpractical, it is a lot easier to sync via Bluetooth than it is with Mobile Phone Tools.

Construction & Conclusion

Motorola L6The L6 is beautifully made and has a very elegant design. I do like the material of the L6.  It feels like metal but is very light weight. The phone looks very durable because of the casing but because of the material it is prone to scratches. Even with a scratch resistant screen it is still exposed at all times so you have to handle this phone with much care.

In conclusion the L6 is an excellent choice because it is in between the L2 and L7. The L2 looks less interesting and does not look as sturdy due to the material and feels like cheap plastic.  The L7 has many features that some people may not even need, and costs more too. The major advantage of the L7 is expandable memory, so it is more practical to use as an mp3 player.  The L6 is perfect for the money conscious who demand a good phone for a fair price, and are not intending to use the phone to listen to music

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