Motorola i275

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
| November 6, 2006

The old saying ?no good things are cheap and no cheap things are good? has never been truer in the case of the Motorola i275. Anyone who has used this phone will tell you that the reception is very poor despite the fact it comes with an external antenna (which by the way has a tendency to break very easily). The phone has a questionable durability rating due to the fact the earpiece speaker has a tendency stop working if even the slightest bit of moisture comes in contact with the wire leads. Unless you are good a soldering you are not going to want to take the phone apart to replace the speaker, that of course is assuming you can find the part in the first place.

My advice would be to spend a little more money and avoid the headaches that are bound to occur when dealing with all of the issues associated with the i275.


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