A lot of people argue that one operating system is better than the other. The truth is that it all depends on the person using it. Some prefer the Palm OS because they have been using it for several years while others like Windows Mobile because it operates like their home computer. Both Operating systems have both positives and negatives and I will be comparing the Pocket PC version of Windows Mobile to the New Palm operating system.

Windows Mobile:
Windows Mobile devices usually have better specs than Palm devices. New Windows Mobile devices on the market have faster processors, built in GPS, built in WI-FI and more. The Windows Mobile OS is a lot more advanced than the Palm OS. Since it runs like your home PC you can do almost everything on your Pocket PC that you can on your home computer. Windows Mobile programming is a lot like programming for your PC and that is why there are more freeware programs for Windows Mobile than there is for Palm. Also big computer programs now have smaller versions for Pocket PC too. For example Microsoft Office includes: Word, Excel and Powerpoint and are now included on Pocket PC’s. With these programs you not only view files but also edit them. Newer Pocket PC’s are capable of doing video calling and have cameras of up to 2 Megapixels. At times the Windows Mobile OS is not stable and when there are a lot of programs running in the background, the OS gets very slow. With Windows Mobile you have to reset the phone every so often to keep it running smooth. 

Palm OS:
The Palm OS is a lot easier to navigate and overall is much simpler to use. People who do not want complicated devices and know which features they need often go with the Palm devices. The overall OS is very easy to use and only takes a little while to understand how it works. Palm OS is more for single handed use which Windows Mobile was missing for a long time. Just now new Smartphones are being released for one handed use. Currently Palm has a lot more applications available than Windows Mobile but not as much freeware. Palm is known for their Treo phone series and the Treo 600 and 650 did very well. Newer versions of the Treo are coming with Windows Mobile on it like the Treo 700 from Verizon. It kind of makes you think, did Palm give up? Do they think Windows is better? What ever the case may be, there is still versions of the new phones that have Palm OS on them for people who still like Palm OS better.

Different devices suit different people. You may have either of the devices but if you’re not going to use the extra features it offers it is pointless. Overall Palm devices cost less because they have less expensive hardware and are capable of doing less. Windows Mobile can do a lot more than the Palm OS but usually cost more in price. The Treo 650 only has a VGA camera and so far Palm phones are not capable of video calling. Windows Mobile phones on the other hand have up to 2 megapixel cameras and are capable of video calling. So basically you have to ask your self a couple of the following questions before purchasing a new PDA:

- What am I going to use the device for?
- What am I planning to do with my device?
- Which features do I really need in my PDA?
- What is my Budget?

Overall there are a lot more Windows Mobile devices than there are Palm devices. You have a lot more variety with Windows and with all the new Windows Mobile devices being released, older versions prices drop significantly. People who like Palm OS can still get the latest phone because newer versions will be released with both Windows and Palm OS.  

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