More tips on choosing the right plan.

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
| February 18, 2007

Choosing the right plan used to be a matter of deciding how many minutes you think you would use per month. Unfortunately with carriers offering a multitude of plans all of which come with their own amount of minutes, features and of course restrictions it is now up to the consumer to their homework to make sure they are getting the best deal.

You could easily save hundreds of dollars a year by simply taking a few minutes to go over your wireless bill. If you can't decipher the bill simply take it to your local dealer and ask them to break down it down for you.

Specifically ask the following questions*:

  1. How many minutes did I use last month?
  2. Out of those minutes how many were roaming?
  3. How many text messages did I use?
  4. Do I get charged for incoming picture/text messages.

You maybe surprised to find that you are not on the best plan nor do have the right combination of features that will allow you to save a lot of money over the course of the year. A good example is the new mobile to anyone plans now being offered by several carries. This is a great feature if most of your calls are to the same 5 or better yet 10 people. By adding this feature you should be able to lower the amount of minutes you will need each month.

If you don't need to travel you may want to look into switching to a regional plan/carrier. These plans will still enable you to call nationwide providing you are within the carrier's network. Typically you will be able to get more minutes for less money than a national plan. Read more

Remember your local dealer makes more money by selling you a plan with more minutes and features than you may need.

Now ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you need unlimited picture & text messaging?
  2. Do you need unlimited incoming calls if you already have unlimited mobile to mobile?
  3. Do I need internet service?
  4. Do I need insurance?
  5. What other features am I paying for that I hardly use?
  6. Would I be better off paying for a feature (text,internet) on a per use basis?

*Make sure you analyze your bill after the first month to maximize your savings.
**If you do make a plan change be aware that it will extend your contract for 1 or 2 years depending on your carrier.

Next week we will discuss unlimited plans!
Who offers them and are they worth it?