Rip-Off or just similar? Meizu M8 miniOne vs Apple iPhone

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| Published: March 4, 2007

Meizu has released more information regarding their forthcoming M8 miniOne touchscreen handset.  Meizu CEO J. Wong posted to a forum on Meizu's site, confirming specs, pricing, and a release date window for the new phone.  The M8 miniOne has garnered attention primarily because it looks so much like Apple's forthcoming iPhone -- or, that is, the graphic renderings of the M8 look a lot like the graphic renderings of the iPhone.


This latest bit of information points to an even more iPhone-like experience, with UI screenshots that look a lot like iPhone's UI, and even 4gb and 8gb versions of the M8 -- just like iPhone.  Meizu, however, has set price points considerably lower than those of Apple's, with the M8 Standard coming in at approximately $310 (4gb) and $400 (8gb) and a camera-less Entry Model priced at $195/285 USD.  Note that these prices are for unlocked phones, whereas the iPhone's stated $499/599 price points require a two-year service contract with Cingular.

Additionally, the M8 will have a 3.3", 720 x 480 touchscreen as well as audio-video line out capabilities.  An add-on camera module is also said to be in the works for the Entry Level phone.  Meizu lists "by the end of 2007" as their launch window for the M8, and while there's no mention of a US-specfic version being in the works, it'll be interesting to see if Apple legal decides to go after Meizu for various "copycat" infringements before either phone launches.

Read more, and see some renderings of this very iPhone-like handset, here:'s=9715281955d404f676062746014e42ce&p=9522#post9522

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