Fareed's BlackBerry 8800 review

Fareed Mahdi
Cell Phone Editor
Published: April 15, 2007


The 8800 comes with the following:

  • Box and manuals
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Blackberry software
  • Stereo headphones
  • Battery
  • OEM carrying case

Overall I liked the Blackberry 8800 a lot. The fact that RIM has included many features like GPS is also a big advantage. If you?re planning to buy a GPS device, paying only $9.99 a month is a bargain.

The 8800's interface is exactly like the Pearl 8100. The only thing that has changed in my opinion is the icons are a bit bigger in size. Other than that RIM has not added anything new. I believe if RIM wants to keep up in the Smartphone industry there going to have to make a better OS with a lot more features.

Overall the battery life is a huge improvement from past devices and lasts a lot longer. Enabling GPS uses a lot of battery power so it was a good choice from RIM in upgrading the battery. The battery lasts 500 hours in standby and 5 hours of talktime!

Corporate users will be happy to know that you can remotely delete everything on the device and storage card if your phone has been lost or stolen. This is a great feature that will make corporate buyers feel a lot safer.

Blackberry 8800


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