Blackberry 8800Features
The Blackberry 8800 has an extensive list of features. The 8800 has built in GPS, Push to Talk, media player, document viewer, EDGE and Bluetooth 2.0.

The built in GPS is a disappointment for some because of the fact that you have to pay for the service monthly. For Cingular, RIM has removed the Blackberry Maps application and included the TeleNav service for $9.99 a month. In Canada, Rogers has released the 8800 with Blackberry maps but you still need to pay for the data service. To read more about TeleNav Click here!

Push to Talk is another great feature and is basically a built in walkie-talkie for your phone. Push to talk service on the 8800 is not free and will also cost you $9.99 per month. If your friends or co-workers all have Push to talk then it is definitely worth getting. There are also other phones that offer Push to Talk, so the service is not only limited to Blackberries.

The built in media player on the 8800 is almost the exact same as it was on the Pearl 8100. You can listen to music in MP3, midi, ACC and WMA formats. You can also watch videos on the 8800 in MP4 format but others file types are very limited.

The 8800 has a built in document viewer that allows you to open Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Adobe PDF files. The trackball makes things a lot easier for scrolling through spread sheets or text files. Although you can view these files, you cannot edit them. This is a key feature that is included in Windows Mobile Pocket PC’s and in newer Windows Smartphones. Phones like the Cingular Blackjack and T-Mobile DASH will have Office editing as soon as there upgraded to Windows Mobile 6. If Blackberry wants to compete with Microsoft, there going to have to add these small features that consumers demand without charging extra.

There is no camera on the 8800. I think the reason being is that RIM has targeted corporate buyers and many work places do not allow camera phones. Although there is no camera on the 8800 many people still believe that there is because it is resembles the Pearl 8100. Hopefully in the near future RIM will release a version with a camera for people who demand it.

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