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The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| Published: July 3, 2007

    •    iPhone 4 builds on a successful formula with a thinner, more luxurious design, higher resolution display, and improved camera paired with a front-facing camera and video-calling software
    •    Improved wireless radio (reception) and better voice quality thanks to dual-mic noise cancellation
    •    Best HD video capture from any mobile phone we've ever tested
    •    Out-of-the-box iTunes compatibility bests offerings by any other mobile platform
    •    Battery life is impressive

    •    "Death Grip" issue has led to widespread reports of severe signal loss when phone is held a certain way


Despite its highly publicized antenna problems, iPhone 4 is one of the best smartphones on AT&T. Whatever you think of Apple's approach to smartphones, iPhone 4 is incredibly thin, has the best display ever to grace a mobile phone, and serves up state-of-the-art media capabilities. Some will prefer an Android phone because they prefer Android, and as of right now, the Samsung Galaxy S II offers a better combination of features. For everyone else, though, iPhone remains the smartphone to beat.

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