Motorola i886

The PhoneDog
Mascot from Charleston, SC
Published: July 3, 2007


  • For all intents and purposes, it runs Android
  • Great physical keyboard
  • Rugged, durable phone with a good-looking design. It meats military standards for dust, shock, vibration, and more.
  • Supports Nextel's push-to-talk feature
  • Ships with Opera Mini for web browsing


  • Poor camera quality
  • It runs Android but it doesn't have Google services (Maps, Gmail, Google Search etc.)
  • Buggy at times
  • It's an iDEN phone


This featurephone may run Android, but it's still a cheap featurephone with all of the flaws that come with most of them. The QWERTY keyboard is pretty easy to type on and Android does make for an interesting experience, even if it doesn't have a touchscreen. Still, there are a few bugs and you'll be limited in data services since it's an iDEN device.

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