Top 5 Ways to save on your wireless bill

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
| July 9, 2007

5. Cancel features you don't use
Do you really need to check the weather from your phone? Now that most new phones are able to view web pages in full HTML it is not surprising that data usage with increase with the increase in KB per page view. $.015 cents per kilobyte doesn't seem like much but when a typical web page with images is around 300 KB fees can add up quickly. If your phone is unable to view pages in full HTML the total KB per page will be significantly less, but even at $.20 -$.30 cents per page this too can be something to consider.

4. Ask customer service if there are any new specials
Many times existing consumers are unaware of new ?Plan/Feature? package deals* being offered to new customers. You should check with your carrier once a month either via a call to customer service or simply checking your carrier's website. A couple of months ago I was adding a line to my account when the rep pointed out several ways I could save money by taking advantage of a new special they were running at the time. Total savings were just over $20!

Basically I was able to add a line to my account and increase my text messaging without increasing my monthly expense. Not bad for one phone call.

*Remember most carrier's require you to renew your contract when changing your plan, but not features.

3. Choose a carrier with rollover minutes
Choosing a carrier that allows you to rollover the minutes you have paid for is a great way to save money on your bill. This allows the consumer to choose a lower rate plan and simply use the rollover minutes during those months of higher usage without accruing any overage charges.

2. Monitor your minute/feature usage
Many consumers fall into the classic trap of buying more minutes than they are going to ever use in month for fear of having to pay overage charges. Fortunately all of the carriers offer a way to check your monthly minutes usage right from your phone combine that with a simple ?check your minutes? note to yourself in your phones calendar and you should never have to pay overage charges.

Text messaging for many has become an integral way of communicating throughout the day. Many of us use text messaging for anything from arranging a meeting to locating a friend at concert. Unfortunately many consumers either never use all of the messages they are allocated each month or they are consistantly going over. Simply check how many messages you have sent over a two month period and adjust your plan accordingly.

1. Add a line to your account
But doesn't adding a line to my account increase my bill? Yes and no. Yes your overall bill will increase, but if you consider splitting your bill equally with a family member or friend your overall out of pocket expense per month decreases considerably. For example; if you are currently paying $60 a month for 700 minutes of service and adding a line will cost $10 bringing your total to $70. Of course if you need around 700 minutes for yourself each month you will have to change your plan. This will add an additional $10-$20 to your bill (depending on your carrier).

After doing the math you can see by adding a line ($10) and changing our plan ($10-$20) our new total monthly bill is now between $80 and $90. By splitting the bill equally each person will be responsible for only $45 saving $15-$20 a month for a total combined savings of around $40*!

*Another bonus is that most carries offer ?feature? package deals for family plan subscribers. Unlimited in calling/text messaging along with an increase in overall text message allowance are typical perks family plan customers enjoy.