Will voip.com let me keep my current home telephone number?

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from  Charleston, SC
| July 10, 2007

First you would want to verify the number can be changed by going here.

On that page, you can type in your number and can see if it is transferable. If it is, here's how it works:

  • Voip.com initiates the number transfer
  • You can do all the work as you sign up. All information provided must match the information with your current provider, and you cannot cancel your old service until the number is ported. If you cancel, you will lose your number.
  • Voip.com will then request to have the phone number ported over.
  • The process usually takes 15 to 20 days, but can take up to 30 days some times.
  • Once the number transfers, we will contact you via email to let you know you can cancel with their current provider.