HTC Shift sets pricing and is ready to take pre-orders!

Fareed Mahdi
Cell Phone Editor
Published: August 7, 2007

The Shift is a completely new gadget from HTC and is the first device that offers both Windows Vista and Windows Mobile 6 in one small form factor. The shift has the same design concept as the HTC p4450 but is bigger in size. Hopefully the Shift is available before September just in time for back to school shopping!!  

The HTC Shift will cost $1509.99 US and pre-order is available through

Specifications for the HTC Shift include:

1.2 GHz processor & 1GB RAM
Windows Vista & Windows Mobile 6
7 inch widescreen display
30 GB hard drive
Full QWEWRTY keyboard
Fingerprint scanner
WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0

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