Having trouble understanding your wireless bill?

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
| September 23, 2007

Unfortunately most of us cannot make heads or tails of our wireless bills especially with all of the new features, programs, plans and taxes that make it so cryptic that one needs a degree in quantum physics just to decipher. Thankfully there is a new company called ?Validas? and they have created a web based program that instantly analyzes your bill and displays any potential savings and/or mistakes made by your carrier .

I signed up for the free trial about 15 minutes ago and probably due to the fact I already spent a good 30-40 minutes on the phone with my service provider last month making sure I was on the right feature and plan package, it didn't really present me with any significant savings options. That being said I still would have to recommend this service to anyone who has difficulty or simply just doesn't want to spend the time analyzing their own bill.

Potential savings can be significant (average saving is $234.36) especially if you are paying for services that you hardly use or you?re not on the right minute plan. Too get a free bill analysis visit www.myvalidas.com. A valid email address is required for activation of your account.

Let us know how much money you can save!

Validas graph example