The MOTO Q9h Global is loaded and available with a new AT&T calling plan

Rebecca Atwood
Vice President from  Charleston, SC
| October 31, 2007

With larger keys the new Motorola Q9h Global, a Windows Mobile 6.0 smart device, is available for AT&T customers beginning today.  Online authorized dealer Let's Talk and AT&T direct have the new Global Q at discounted rates when purchased with a new calling plan.  Compare these great special offers from here.

The Motorola Q Global can help consumers on the go with personal and business e-mail, Microsoft direct push and BlackBerry connect.  Find your way with integrated GPS using AT&T's great Telenav navigation services.  The Motorola Q Global also can give you access to music programs from AT&T music, Billboard charts, Napster, Yahoo! and so much more.

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