New devices: N810 hits shelves, Wi-Fi Pearl spotted, SLM announced

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| November 19, 2007

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet I covered a few weeks back is now available direct from Nokia.  This isn't the rumored WiMAX tablet that may or may not still be in the offing for next year (perhaps depending on what happens with Sprint's Xohm network).  Instead, the N810 features integrated WiFi for VoIP calling and Web browsing, along with built-in GPS.  At the press launch I attended, Nokia also positioned the tablet as a cell phone companion of sorts, showing it tethered to a cell phone via Bluetooth for 3G network access.

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A Wi-Fi enabled GSM/EDGE BlackBerry Pearl - the 8120 - has been spotted on the FCC's site.  PhoneScoop has reported that the user manual included with the FCC filings mentions a UMA client, which - taken along with the lack of 3G support - could indicate that this newest Pearl will be a T-Mobile HotSpot@Home device.  The 8120 features GPS, a 3.5mm stereo headset jack, stereo Bluetooth, and a new mail client.

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AT&T has launched the Samsung SLM, a slim flip phone that is the first device to feature AT&T's new Napster Mobile service for over the air purchase and download of music.  The SLM features a brushed metal finish, 2 MP camera with video capture and support for AT&T Video Share, and a microSD memory card slot.  Additionally, the SLM will be the first handset to ship with AT&T's mobile banking application pre-loaded.  SLM will be available on November 23.

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