Top ten best selling phones of the third quarter

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
| November 22, 2007

Did you guess the iPhone or maybe the Chocolate by LG? Both would seem likely contenders to take the top spot, but unfortunately they didn't even make the top three!The infamous Motorola Razr V3, yes the original version out sold all other consumer models to take the top spot for the third quarter. Part of its staying power has to be attributed to the fact most of the carriers offer the V3 for free with new service.

Motorola actually faired well having four models make the top ten list, while LG took three spots. Even with having such a presence, Motorola still only manages $80 profit per unit sold. To put that in perspective, Apples iPhone rakes in a whopping $400 per unit!

As more 3G enabled phones are released during the fourth quarter (especially from Samsung) we should see some of the names and rankings change dramatically.

Best sellers

    1. Motorola Razr V3m (CDMA version of V3)


Top Ten group picture


Source: Information Week