A few Nokia and Blackberry Curve tips

| December 31, 2007


  • I have a few tips and tricks to liven up your Nokia mobile experience. First off are you tired of those boring and rather child like "cartoon-ish" menus? Well you can go to Zedge.net or other sites (just google them). And download any theme, specific to your Nokia s40 phone, to your computer then drag into your phone (first creating a fold named themes) via usb cable. Go to the file you downloaded and click apply/enter. Now you've got sexy menu system.
  • Also when showing friends and family pictures or video you'd like to have it in full screen. Instead of diving through menus just hit your * (star) key from the file and your in business.
  • If your juggling phone calls and it really isn't convenient to dig through menus to switch lines. Just press the # pound key while talking with person A and you'll be talking with person B.

This should work with any Nokia phone on the T-Mobile network.  


If your a blackberry guy than you probably don't have a lot of time in your hands so shortcuts are vital!  You can press these short cut keys in your messing.

R= reply
T=go to the top of list
B-go to bottom of list

Okay I think those are enough tips for this month. :0.  Thanks if I get featured.

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