CES 2008: Sony Ericsson Unveils Three New Handsets

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| Published: January 6, 2008

Sony Ericsson dropped three new handsets on us at CES and while there's nothing groundbreaking here, the new trio is definitely worth a look-see if you're in the market for a new SE phone.

The W760 is a Walkman slider with integrated GPS and both Wayfinder Navigator and Google Maps built in.  You'll also find stereo speakers, Shake Control (for the music player), landscape mode gaming, and a 3.2mp camera on the W760.  Best of all, this one's got quad-band GSM and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA for all us North American types.  Ships Q2 of this year.

The W350 is a 10mm thin, super nifty looking flip phone with "Walkman on Top." The flip cover actually only extends halfway up the front of the handset, and features external music controls as well, so you can navigate through your tunes using the screen without opening the phone up.  Available in four colors, the W350 will come with a 512MB Memory Stick and ship in two GSM variants (the W350a is the North American flavor) in Q2 of this year.  I really dug the look of this phone - it's very thin, very "cute" (which might translate more to female than male buyers), and a little different.


Finally, the Z555 is a clamshell with a reflective diamond-pattern finish and "hidden" OLED external display.  The Z555 features Gesture Control, as SE explains:  "When a call comes in, a simple movement of your hand back and forth over the phone mutes the ringtone. Similarly, sweep your hand over the phone when using it as your alarm clock to put it into 'snooze? mode. Works like magic!"  Magic, baby.

SE also announced a Design Collection comprised of four leather bags and three Bluetooth headsets styled to compliment the Z555.  The North American variant of the phone, the Z555a, will be available Q2, while the Design Collection will be available this month.