iPhone and Touch to get SlingPlayer?

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
Published: January 10, 2008

It has been rumored for sometime that Sling Media was working on an iPhone/Touch version of their SlingPlayer and now it looks as though it may be a reality. The folks over at Electricpig.tv claim they spoke with a 'senior source? at Sling who said ?iPhone and iPod Touch are OS X devices and we can write OS X apps with our eyes closed. It's coming.?

Even though this is good news for iPhone customers the use of the application will be limited to having a suitable WiFi connection since the company does not believe the Edge data speeds will provide a fast enough connection to stream TV without degrading the quality.  Of course once the 3G iPhone becomes available accessing your favorite TV programs will just be a click away.

So now that we are pretty confident that the ?if? question has been answered what about the when? Unfortunately there is no word on when the application will be available, but with MacWorld right around the corner and the SDK set to be released this February all signs point to sometime early Q2 of 08 (fingers crossed).

SlingMedia Player iPhone mockup

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