AT&T offers a SIM-card only option

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
| January 20, 2008

New AT&T customers are now able to purchase a SIM card only for $5.00 (after a $5.00 discount online). The aim is to let new customers use their existing "compatible" GSM phones on AT&T's network, but here's the catch ? you still have to sign on for a two year contract!

I know AT&T is trying to appear more open as of lately, but seriously who are they fooling with this option? It doesn't take the savviest customer to figure out a bad deal when they see one. A new customer would be better off getting one of the free phones that obviously already includes a SIM card and simply use that card in any compatible (unlocked) GSM phone on the market today. Not only would you save $5.00 but you get an extra phone to keep as a spare or sell on EBay and make a few bucks.

Maybe a $30 instant rebate to use the SIM card only option would make more sense - huh?

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