SkyFire web browser for Windows Mobile 6

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
| January 27, 2008

SkyFire has announced the availability of a private beta version of their new web browser designed for WM6 compatible smartphones (Symbian OS to follow). SkyFire is the first mobile browser that provides a ?real Web? experience and fully supports dynamic Flash, Java, Ajax and more all while doing it at speeds similar to a desktop PC. Users will also be able to bookmark certain areas of webpages for quicker access at a later time along with features like full screen navigation, thumbnail views and zooming capability to provide a complete user experience.

Having the ability to experience popular websites like YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, Linkedin and so on as if you were sitting behind your home computer is a huge leap forward for mobile web browsing. Now I just have to decide on a new phone. Any suggestions?

Get your beta version here

Read full press release here 

Skyfire web browser