T-Mobile heading to court over text messaging service

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
Published: January 29, 2008

With the latest wave of marketing heading towards mobile advertising it was only a matter of time before customers would start receiving unsolicited text messages. As you can imagine not having the ability to stop these unwanted text messages can both be annoying and quite costly.

The Plaintiffs in the case argue T-Mobile charges its customers for text messages they receive even if they don't want the feature. There is no word on how much money the plaintiffs are seeking, but one can only guess at the number of unwanted text messages received multiplied by and average of 10 cents per text you know it's not going to be chump change.  As expected T-Mobile representatives refused to comment about the pending litigation.

Currently only Verizon and Sprint allow their customers to disable the text messaging service all together.

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