Cellular industry going "Green"?

Joe Kramer
Director of Wireless Services
| March 1, 2008

With over 1 billion cell phones sold last year alone the impact on the environment has inspired some new ideas that are so simple it seems almost unbelievable that no one has thought of them before.

First up we have a ?Green Cell Battery? which has won third place in the ?Greener Gadgets Competition? by offering a solution to the overwhelming problem of millions upon millions of old batteries ending up in landfills and leaching their toxic chemicals into the ground and water table. Green Cell Batteries are made up of non toxic chemicals and since they can be exchanged/recycled at conveniently located vending machines, there is no risk of them ever ending up in landfills.

If manufacturers can decide on a standard battery size and charger (or perhaps a few to accommodate power hungry PDA/Smartphones) the concept could have a real shot at succeeding.


Green cell batteries

Look for more greener gadgets and concepts in upcoming articles this week.