Super Phone: Nokia N95 may be coming to AT&T

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| March 4, 2008

Does anyone even remember that AT&T actually carries a Nokia N-Series phone, the oversized, underpowered, crippled by its US carrier N75?  Let's hope that if the current rumor about another N-Series device coming to AT&T bears fruit, the response from consumers is a bit less tepid this time around ? last time I checked customers had given the N75 just under 3 out of 5 stars on ATT's website.

Of course if the N95 does make its way to an AT&T store near you in the second quarter of this year, I'd think folks would be receptive to it.  But you never know.  One man's 5-megapixel shootin', VGA video capturin', WiFi and HSDPA high speed surfin' superphone is another man's incredibly expensive, rather chunky piece of confusing technology.  According to Engadget Mobile we'll at least get to find out how US consumers respond to a full-on powerhouse, as they're all but guaranteeing a Q2 release of an AT&T branded N95-3, aka the original North American variant.

While Nokia has already launched both a newer N95 - the 8GB model with larger screen and sexy black finish - and its successor, the N96, it's still news that a major American carrier is going to pick up the handset that made many a phone geek's dreams.  Seriously, the N95 is a serious piece of technology of the sort that Europeans have flocked to in recent years but most Americans have shied away from.  If this all comes true it'll be very interesting to see how AT&T prices it, what (if anything) they do to screw it up, and whether or not it flies off the shelves.

Read more - including the insights of several savvy commenters - over at Engadget Mobile.

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