Nokia 3555: T-Mobile launches 3G-capable flip phone.

Noah Kravitz
 from Oakland, CA
Published: March 17, 2008

T-Mobile USA announced the availability of the Nokia 3555, but didn't mention its 3G capabilities in the official press release.  The Nokia 3555 is a basic low-end handset that's been kicking around the rumor mill for a few months and is now available for $50 after contract and instant rebate.  What makes the 3555 interesting is its support for the 1700 mhz WCDMA band, i.e. T-Mobile's still-not-up and running 3G network.

More information on this cute little clamshell is available on  And for the record, here's the text of the email I received from TMob's PR firm:

"Available beginning today, the quad-band Nokia 3555 features a wide range of features including Stereo Bluetooth, digital music player with microSD card storage, FM radio and an integrated camera with still and video capture modes. For staying connected with friends and family, the Nokia 3555 includes an e-mail and instant messaging client along with support for T-Mobile's exclusive MyFaves feature."

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