Unlocked #3: LG Rumor, Billshrink.com, mystery FedEx package

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| March 29, 2008

On the eve of Noah, Courtney, and camera man Doug heading for CTIA in Las Vegas, Noah filmed episode 3 of his new unlocked review series.  This video highlights the happenings at Motorola this wee, the new Billshrink.com website, and what did the FedEx man just deliver for Noah to review next!  

On Thursday Noah reported on Motorola's intentions for splitting their mobile phone division away from the rest of the company into a seperate division.  With the company losing market share in the industry after the success of the infamous RAZR, let's hope they can surprise us all at CTIA next week.

Also highlighted on this episode of Unlocked, a new website, Billshrink.com is available to help consumers find the best cellular phone plan based on their current usage.  This free service is easy to use and could really help you save next time you are shopping for that perfect calling plan.

What does Noah find in his FedEx package?  Watch this episode of Unlocked to find out!

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