T-Mobile and RIM announce BlackBerry Pearl 8120

Noah Kravitz
 from Oakland, CA
Published: March 31, 2008

T-Mobile and RIM launched the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 smartphone featuring Wi-Fi connectivity for voice and data, with support for T-Mobile's HotSpot @Home Wi-Fi calling feature.  The Pearl features a two megapixel camera with zoom, media player with stereo Bluetooth support and external microSD memory card slot. and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

TMob's Pearl will come out of the box with myFaves compatibility, support for AOL/Yahoo/Windows Live/Google instant messaging, an HTML Web browser, and voice activated dialing.  The handset features the trackball and SureType keyboard that have made other variants of the Pearl popular, even if I found it too small to easily use.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8210 will be available from T-Mobile starting April 14.

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