Mailbag: YouTube viewer questions answered - April '08, Part 1

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| Published: April 24, 2008

Okay, here's the deal:  If you want a question answered reasonably quickly, post it right here on as a comment to a blog post.  All of the uTube vids are up here as individual entries, so you can comment away right here.

If you ask me a question via YouTube messaging, I'll probably get to it.  But it'll take awhile.  Nothing personal, I just respond to the PhoneDog messages and comments faster.  And we like the traffic on our blog comment rolls, too.  So ask away, but do it right here on the Dawg.

That said, here's the latest YouTube mailbag of your Q's and my A's, some of which might even be helpful to you:

i just watched your rumor review and i was wondering if you can make a more detailed one because i'll be getting my rumor in a couple of days and i have no idea about any of the features and i also think many other youtubers will find that resourceful too thanks blandfordski


Thanks for watching the Rumor video.  We try to keep it to one video per phone, so we probably won't do another Rumor video. 

BUT ... I wrote a full-length review of Rumor that goes into more detail and gives my opinion of the phone after testing it for a few weeks.  You can read the review right here on PhoneDog.

Hi...can you please tell me the process of unlocking the iphone so that it can be used with t-mobile? due to get it this week and also can you tell me which plan features i would need to have all of its functions working such as stocks, youtube, internet. etc. thanks

You need to use an unlocking program - I used Ziphone to upgrade and unlock/jailbreak my iPhone to the most recent firmware version.  I used the Mac OS X version and it was free, easy, and worked like a charm.  There's a Windows version available, as well.

You'll also have to make sure you have a T-Mobile data plan and then perform an additional step to get data services working on your iPhone.  I have the $5.99 T-Zones plan and it works great.  There are different methods of enabling the data plan on iPhone, but the one I used is super easy.  Once your iPhone is Jailbroken you'll have a program called Installer installed on it (you'll see the blue Installer icon on the home screen).  Open installer and you'll see lots of software you can download and install on your iPhone.  One of the programs is a "T-Zones hack" that tweaks the settings you need to use iPhone with the T-Zones plan.  Worked for me. 

You also may need to perform another hack to enable YouTube.  YouTube worked just fine at first for me, then it stopped connecting.  I haven't tried in in awhile.

If you search the Internet for "T-Mobile iPhone Jailbreak YouTube" you should get links to lots of different methods you can try.

Good luck!

* * *
 if you jailbreak/unlock iphone (I have TMOBILE) can you factory reset the phone after you unlock it???

What do you mean by factory reset? Restore it to original, locked firmware? Yes, you can, but I'm not positive if you can restore the baseband to the factory settings in all cases. I know that I'm able to relock my iPhone to AT&T and restore the jailbroken firmware to the original Apple firmware.

Hope that helps!

* * *

hey i just ordered a moto z9 from att and was wondering if the phone was capable of applying ringtones saved to your memory card as your ringtones because i know for sure that the rizr z3 from tmobile did that i was just wondering because i like that feature and also can u apply ringtones longer that 30 like a full song cuz again the old rizer did that thankz

Looks like the answer is no, unfortunately.

I asked my reps got this official response, which actually came from AT&T:

Checked with AT&T on this one and this is what we were told:

"Setting a size restriction for ringtone use allows us [AT&T] to display
only the smaller sized content that would logically be a ringtone when
someone pulls up the folder of ringtones on their phone."

So the official answer seems to be "No, you can't, but it's for your own good.  We want to easily separate ringtones (shorter) from full music tracks (longer), and the best way to do that is by setting a length limitation on ringtones."

* * *
hey im Ron,
ok my question is i hear that the Nokia N810(the pocket pc) is similar to the iPhone. but, it cannot make cell phone calls, is this true? i hope not because i have the iPhone and i really really want this nokia n810 phone. but, if it does not make or receive calls (like a regular cell phone would) then ill just stick to my iphone. anyway, i have a laptop i would not need a "pocket pc" just for the internet and does not make calls. p.s. i like all of your videos about this phone, they are very imformational that's why im asking you these questions.

Hey Ron,

The N810 is not a cell phone.  It's an "Internet tablet" with WiFi and Bluetooth, but no cellular radio.  The new WiMax Edition will have a WiMax radio in it when it launches, but no cellular radio.

Nokia ships the device with Skype software pre-installed so you can make Internet (VoIP) calls from the device.  In order to use Skype you'll have to have a Skype account and also be connected to a WiFi network for Internet service.  So no, it's not a phone capable of making and receiving cell phone calls.

I actually just posted a full text review of the N810.  You can read it here if you want more info and my full opinion of the device.

Thanks for watching the videos!  Glad you find them informative.

* * *

Alright, that's it for now.  Stay tuned for Part Two of the April YouTube Mailbag in a few days ....