Unboxing and hands-on: VZW XV6900 "Vogue" - HTC Touch for Verizon

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| April 23, 2008

Hot off the UPS truck it's the HTC Touch, but in white, and running on Verizon.  VZW launched the XV6900 at CTIA, and it's currently available only through the online store (should be in retail outlets April 30).  So if you haven't had the chance to check one out yet, don't worry - we got ya covered.

Essentially the same device as the Touch that launched on Sprint last year, the XV900 is a slim touchscreen smartphone running Windows Mobile 6 professional topped off by HTC's handy TouchFlo interface.  Aside from the white finish, Verizon badge, and a few software-based differences, if you've seen and used the Sprint version, you know what you're getting here.

The white looks nice, though I miss the soft-touch finish on the back panel of the original - the XV6900 is a little slicker in hand than the Touch.  I could see this catching on with Verizon users who want the power of a smartphone (or are just tired of VZW's lame menus) but want something a little slimmer, snazzier, or fun-ner than the rest of their lineup.

Check out the galleries to see Verizon's newest smartphone unboxed and in action.  I threw in some side-by-sides with Sprint's Touch so you can see the minor differences for yourself: Sprint adds Sprint TV and Music Store access, and Handmark's excellent On Demand application to the mix.  And Verizon prefers red accents in their icons, thank you very much.

HTC Touch xv6900

HTC Touch side by side images


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