Mailbag: YouTube viewer questions answered - May '08, Part 1

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| May 30, 2008

Wow, you uTubers love to ask questions.  So many questions that I've gotta do a Part 1 and Part 2 (at least) of this month's mailbag ... And yes, KravvyKrav is my YouTube alias.

And remember, the fastest way to get your questions answered is to ask them right here on PhoneDog.        

Showtymechef Asks:
lg Voyager vs lg vu
witch cell is better i like them both. i think att as more ch to pick from. the att people say its all live tv and verizon say no i hope u can help. i know you are good with ur phones i a little good but need help its so hard to pick

KravvyKrav Answers:
It's hard to say which is better since they're different phones on different networks.  Personally I like Vu better because it's smaller.  But if you text a lot, you'll probably like Voyager better for the QWERTY keyboard.  I think you were asking who has more mobile TV channels, AT&T or Verizon?  AT&T currently offers more channels, but they're different channels so if there's something specific you're looking for, you should check out both carriers' lineups.  Also, make sure that mobile TV service is offered where you live before picking the phone - AT&T just launched their service and it's not offered everywhere yet.  Like where I live.

mustang33192 Asks:
I have a quick question. Im going to get the sony ericsson s500i but i dont want to use there network, can i just put a new sim card from t-mobile in and use there network? One more question im not yet 18 and i cant get into a contract so is there like a prepaid sim card that i can use to top up with the top up cards? Well can you please respond ase fast as you can i need to know before wed.
thanks for all the help.

KravvyKrav Answers:
The s500i is a quad-band GSM phone so it will work on T-Mobile so long as you get an unlocked version.  And yes, T-Mobile offers prepaid SIM cards that should work fine with this phone.

smackthat619 Asks:
Im undecided. Im looking to get a new phone basically just for texting. Im stuck between the EnV2, the Glyde and the alias. Do you have any suggestions?

KravvyKrav Answers:
I'm getting this question a lot lately.  Must be a ton of VZW text addicts on uTube!

Honestly, they're all good messaging phones.  Since it's "basically just for texting," I'd say go with EnV2 or Alias since Glyde is more expensive (though you might be able to find a deal on  Honestly, you really should get to the Verizon store and try them out for yourself - the features are a little different between the three phones, but the biggest differences are the way the phones and the keyboards look and feel.  Personally I'd probably get the Glyde because I like how small it is and I found the keyboard comfortable.  But your tastes - and the size of your hands and fingers - are probably different than mine.

tumi0154 Asks:
 LG Vu
I just had some questions about the LG Vu. It looks like a really good phone and I'm really thinking about getting it. Would you recommend getting it? Can you use opera mini on it? Is it worth it? I would really appreciate your response. Thanks in advance


KravvyKrav Answers:
Hey Bryan,
I really, really like Vu.  I personally use an iPhone as my daily phone (the others I get from companies to review and then send back when I'm done), and while iPhone's screen is better than Vu, Vu's screen is really quite good and I like that Vu is a little bit smaller and lighter than iPhone.  Also, Vu offers the mobile TV service, which is surprisingly cool if a little silly at $15/month extra.  And Vu is a 3G phone so Web and other data services are really fast on it.  So yes, I'd recommend it so long as you like the touch screen (texting on a touch screen is not as easy as texting on real keys, if you ask me) and don't mind the price.

And yes, you can use Opera mini on it.  I've loaded it up on my review model and it works just fine.

Alright, that's enough for one post ... More to come in Part 2 ...