Mailbag: YouTube viewer questions answered - May '08, Part 2

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| Published: May 30, 2008

Here's Part 2 ... And yes, KravvyKrav is my YouTube alias.
porky247 Asks:
samsung instinct
now ive been looking for videos showing if texting is good, internet, radio, tv, video recording, pics, stuff like that if theres any way sometime in june before it comes out you can get it and show that i heard from engadget its supposed to release june 20 or something thanks

KravvyKrav Answers:
Hey Porky ... Just yesterday I attended a Web conference with Sprint to learn a little more about Instinct.  It's still on track for a June 20 release, and so far as I know I'll have a media review unit before then.  As soon as I get it I'll start making videos and posting them, trust me!  So stay tuned ... I'll try to cover all of the features, so it may take several videos.

nevrtwolate Asks:
Phone choice
Hey, I'm getting a phone in a few months ( with verizon service ) and I can't decide on which phone i'd like to get. I'm thing the Alias ( Sch-u740 ) or maybe the glyde. I like more compact phones, not big and bulky. I also like being able to text at a good pace and taking pictures. I keep hearing bad things about the glyde's touch screen being over sensitive at times or just not working and the screen getting scratched up fast. If you could help me, that'd be great =) Thanks.
thanks for all the help.

KravvyKrav Answers:

I'd say try to get to a VZW store and try them out.  I had some issues with Glyde's screen sensitivity, mainly during Web browsing, and the phone did get a scratch pretty quickly (though not on the screen itself).  But the keyboard is great and I liked how small the phone is overall (it's a little thick but pretty compact).  The shortcut menus are handy, too.

Alias on the other hand is much thinner, and if you like its keyboard I think it's great as a relatively basic messaging phone.  When I reviewed the original u740 (basically Alias before they named it Alias) I really, really liked it and I couldn't stop texting on it.  It doesn't have quite as many features as Glyde, though, and Glyde's camera is a little bit better - and has autofocus and a flash.

ashleydozbaba Asks:
well im 13...
and im getting my first phone in 10 days..
anyways, i need a pretty good price, because my dads paying for it and doesnt want to pay alot. and ive wathced like half your videos.
heres what im looking for, im mainly just going to text. and i wasnt a qwerty keyboard. im with verizon family plan. ulimied text. i dont care about very HIGH quality pics. i dotn have enternet or email on my phoone..... and im mainly just going to use it too text alot. i need a phone that wouldnt break easily if i drop it alot like touch screens might break easliyy. and im not so good with touch stuff, they get soooooo annoying...
anyways ive been looking at a black env2, but i was wondering if u think this is a good phone or not.. and what you do and do not like about it.. thanks ;)

KravvyKrav Answers:
Hey!!! Well, I'm ... uh ... older than you ... LOL ... Thanks for watching half my videos!  Now go watch the other half :-)

Sounds like EnV2 would be a great phone for you.  It's not super thin/tiny and doesn't have a touchscreen so it should be pretty durable.  But it's also a lot smaller than the first EnV, so it's not *too* big and bulky.  It's got a decent camera and really is made for texting - I found the keyboard to be really great and the internal screen is good, too.  You can text from the outside using the regular keypad, too, though it doesn't have left/right arrow keys.

If you look on you should be able to find a better price for it than in the Verizon store (if you extend your contract).  Show the site to your Dad, have him click on the shopping links on our home page, and maybe he'll find a good deal and be grateful for having such a smart daughter :-)
Ma77hew Asks:
  Which one do you suggest?
I am trying to decide which one. A Samsung Glyde or a LG Venus. What would you suggest? I feel a lot more comfortable with Samsung because I already have a samsung phone. I won't be doing any web browsing or vcast so i don't care about that, I would be doing texting mostly. I want a phone that has a touch screen, slides, plays music, and has good battery life. Which one feels more durable, what if you drop it would it scratch or break easily? And which one seems to scratch on the screen more? I hate having scratches on my screen, so i don't really care about the back at all. Thanks

KravvyKrav Answers:
Good questions and kind of a tough call.  I was definitely going to say Glyde until you brought up the scratches and durability.  Venus is a bit heavier and has a soft-grip back that should hold up a little better when you drop it (though you said the back doesn't matter).  My Glyde got a scratch on it within the first few days I had it - the scratch wasn't on the screen, but was on the front.  Aside from that scratch I didn't have any problems with Glyde, but I only had it for a few weeks -- it might be totally fine, but it's definitely a bit less durable feeling than Venus.

That being said, I think Glyde is way better for texting.  The QWERTY keyboard on Glyde is great, and I really prefer using QWERTY for texting.  If you don't mind sticking to a "regular" keypad, Venus is fine, though.  Even though Venus is on Verizon and Verizon's menus are usually terrible, they actually did a really good job on Venus' software for the most part.  LG makes nice phones and Venus looks good.  I found the half-touchscreen thing annoying after awhile, but that's just me.  

As I always say, if you can get to a Verizon store go check 'em out for yourself.  That's really the only way to know which one you'll like better.

smoshremix Asks:
I just got the enV2 and it is really small!!
I thought it was gonna be huge but no.I just wanted to thank you for the reviews and unboxings on it. I know how to use it better now that you helped me.
See ya!

KravvyKrav Answers:
Hey smoshremix, that's what I'm here for.  I'm so glad I could help and that you like your new EnV2.  Don't text and drive!  Don't text in math class!  See ya!

Alright, that's all for now.  Looks like I've still got a bunch of messages to answer, so I might have to do another mailbag post real soon ...

Happy Texting,
Noah from