In the Wild : Instinct Unboxing on SprintUsers

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| June 3, 2008

While I wait for baited breath for Sprint to get some review units of the new Samsung Instinct and, you know, send me one, it seems that a Sprint employee got her hands on the company's new flagship feature phone and posted some unboxing photos over on  While the phone is set to go on sale on or before June 20, it seems that Sprint company stores have started receiving training units so their employees can learn all about the wonders of Instinct before customers start coming in demanding to know, "Is this as good as iPhone?"

You can, of course, check out our Instinct videos along with images and specs over on the PhoneDog Instinct page.  And in just a few short weeks you should be able to go get one for yourself, should you be so inclined.  But in the meantime if you just have to know what the box will look like, click that link above and head on over to Sprintusers.

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