Summer of Phones: Verizon Announces Dare, Decoy, and Chocolate 3

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| June 10, 2008

Big Red today made official what we already knew: Three new LG handsets will be hitting VZW stores over the next month.

The big prize here is the LG Dare, Verizon Wireless' entry into the Touchscreen Media Phone sweepstakes.  Like iPhone, Vu, andInstinct, Dare will be a candybar with a full touchscreen on the front, and ups the ante with a 3.2MP camera with video capture and some kind of fancy system that "adapts to low or unevenly distributed light for better quality pictures."  Dare will also pack VZ Navigator, V CAST Music, and an onboard photo editing app with promises of "one touch," "fun," and "flick of a finger" access to photo-based speed dialing and contacts manager apps, and uploading of photos to social networking sites.  No pricing or launch date to be found in the Dare section of the press release, though I've been hearing on or around July 4th.

On the undercard we've got Decoy, a slider phone with an snap-out Bluetooth earpiece that docks in/out of the back panel of the device.  This one looks better than it sounds, judging from a few leaked photos floating around the InterWeb, but I'll withhold judgement until I've played it with for myself.  Decoy will also feature the usual lineup of VCAST entertainment offerings when it hits VZW on June 16 at an as yet undetermined price.

And finally there's Chocolate 3.  Gone is the "iconic" slider form factor, replaced by a flip ... even though I keep hearing flips aren't cool anymore.  But, wait, BlackBerry's introducing a flip ... so maybe they are cool again?  No matter ... Chocolate 3 will feature a gig of internal storage backed by a microSD memory card slot, integrated FM transmitter, external media player controls, stereo speakers and stereo Bluetooth, and a 2 MP camera.  This one we'll see sometime in July.