Shadow II: T-Mobile Smartphone May Support HotSpot@Home

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| June 26, 2008

TmoNews has a little more dirt on the upcoming Shadow II, and whlie its nothing groundbreaking it's at least promising.  The next-gen Shadow looks much like the current version, with a few more rounded corners and some other cosmetic updates.  The big deal here is that it looks like Shadow II will support TMo's Hotspot@Home UMA calling service, making it the carrier's first H@H-compatible WindowsMobile device.

While it'd be nice to see a high-end T-Mobile device with 3G support, I really liked Shadow when I reviewed it awhile back, and HotSpot@Home keeps getting better and better.  TMo's really playing up the value angle as of late (well, as of always), and while they're often last to the party when it comes to new phone tech, they also often get it right when they finally do it.  With many of the kinks worked out of the whole UMA calling thing - using the performance of the recent BlackBerry Curve and Pearl as an indicator - here's hoping that T-Mo will soon unleash some uber-phones combining "Value Tech" like myFaves and H@H with some sex appeal like high-speed data.

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